Non-Stick Pressing Sheet


Non-stick pressing Sheet 18″x 18″

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Protect project surfaces and iron from fusible web residue. The perfect tool for fusible applique projects.

• Generous 18” x 18” size.
• Use to fuse lace and other open weave fabrics without sticking.
• Withstands the highest heat setting on your iron.
• Use without steam as a see-through press cloth.
HINT: If you accidentally get fusible on the bottom of your iron, there is a way to remove it, if you catch it right away:
While iron is still HOT, wad up a few used dryer sheets and use them to rub away the residue. The dryer sheets will clean your iron and leave the room smelling sweet!

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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 7 × 7 × .10 in

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