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Now that your quilt top is completed, what is your next step?

Will you quilt it yourself or will you have it “professional longarm quilted” by someone else?

If you choose to quilt the top yourself, here you will find Zen Quilting techniques, workshops, tutorials and products to make this step easier for you.

If you choose to “professional longarm quilting”  Pat can do it for you, whether it be affordable edge-to-edge, custom, heirloom or “for show”.

Here is what customers are saying: 

Just wanted to let you know that the quilt arrived today, and I am stunned by the creativity and quality of your work.  You made it into a work of art – thank you SO much! (LeAnn from NY)

I just received my quilt this morning, and it was like Santa came early!  I’m thrilled with it—It is absolutely beautiful!  The stitching pattern is awesome, and it looks as good on the back as the front!  And your hand stitched binding is amazing!  I can’t believe how meticulous your stitching is!  
It was so fun working with you!   I felt like my quilt was in the good hands of a competent and artistic friend during the whole process.  (Jacquelyn from TX)

Your work is gorgeous, I was extremely happy with how the quilt turned out.  Looking at the pattern on the back highlights the creativity and quality of work. The appliqués really pop. (Chris from MD)

” …my quilt was delivered today and I’m ecstatic. It is beautiful and all because of you! I was so lost and frustrated by the time I finished it that I didn’t know if I would ever try quilting again. Your work makes it look like I knew what I was doing”  (Marie from IL)

“You know sometimes you make a decision and it proves to be the best one ever. I am so happy I decided to have my quilt quilted by you. It’s beautiful! I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am with it” (Rima from NY)

“..the quilt arrived safely. It is fabulous. Thank you for your wonderful talent” (Lillian from AZ)

“WOW! What an absolutely beautiful job you did on my quilt! I love it and can not wait to share it at stitch class…… I am sure they are going to be blown away! Thank you so much!  Love, love, love it! “(Michelle from MA)

“The quilt arrived today and I am one happy camper.  It is beyond my expectations simply beautiful you did a fabulous job.  Thanks again and until the next quilt”   (Dale from CA)

” I am just speechless!!!  The quilt is SO beautiful!!!  I love the quilting designs you chose, they are absolutely perfect for the quilt.  Your workmanship is flawless and I am beyond thrilled”
(Lynnie from  NE)

“I appreciate so much your talents as I now have a beautiful finished quilt. I don’t know how many more years it would have taken me to finish. Thanks to you, I won’t need to know” (Marianne from FLA)

“The quilt looks wonderful, thank you so much! My daughter absolutely loves it.  She was really happy with the beautiful geometrics and the secondary designs you created.  I really love them too, and think they suit the top much better than most I would have defaulted to.”  (Heather from MD) 

“I received my quilt late yesterday and could not be more pleased. Thank you for all your hard work. I will be in touch for more quilting……. ” (Diana from AL) 

You could win in 2024! For every quilt that Pat Longarm quilts for you, your name will be entered in the end of the year drawing.

So sit back, relax and take a tour of this educational website by Pat Ferguson, Award Winning Quilter, Teacher, Certified Zentangle Teacher. New subject matter and products will be added  frequently, so check back often or sign up for the newsletter.

PatFergusonQuilts.com is open by appointment.

If you would like to have a quilt longarm quilted

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Latest Project

Fiber Art Quilts 

Why not add some fiber art quilts!

There is a great do-it-yourself home decorating trend sweeping the nation.

An important element is the final finishing touch of art.

Your home can be warmed  and  made cozy with wall art.

Choose from pieces that are original and colorful to complete your nest.                                                          Pat’s creativity shines in each piece.     

Many are mounted on canvas and can be hung “as is”

or professionally framed to compliment your decor.

  More of Fiber Art Quilts:


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