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Zen Dahlia
Zen Dahlia


Pat Ferguson became a Certified Zentangle Teacher in May 2010. Immediately she  recognized the connection between the patterns learned through Zentangle and the free motion quilting patterns used on quilts. She also realized that the relaxation and focus of Zentangle could be beneficial to her machine quilting students. After all, machine quilting is not easy but it is extremely rewarding.

Merging the principles of Zentangle with her many years of machine quilting experience, Pat developed the concept of Zen Quilting!

Working on small black and white quilts allows one to focus on machine stitching.  Focus creates relaxation, relaxation encourages creativity. Adapting Zentangle patterns that are “continuous line” enables quilters to add to their machine quilting pattern library, resulting in unique quilts. Completing these small quilts gives a sense of accomplishment.  All contribute to successful Zen Quilting.

“Zen Dahlia” was Pat’s first large Zen Quilt. Discovering Zentangle set the stage for the creation of this whole cloth quilt and gave the focus and confidence needed to carry it through.

Beginning with a Zentangle tile, Pat draws her quilting design. If this is pleasing, she then uses this tile to create her small “Zen Quilts”.

Autumn Web & Tile First & Tile Woodland Spider & Tile




To learn the process, step by step, refer to Pat’s “Zen Quilting Workbook” for complete instructions from start to finish.

This is the third edition of the book                                                 with even more great photos for inspiration!!


                                                                                                                                                              If you would like to make a your own Zen Quilts and need supplies, purchase Pat’s “Zen Quilting Kit“. Includes “Zen Quilting Workbook” and everything needed to make 2 small Zen Quilts of your very own! All you add is thread, your machine and your enthusiasm!    Zen Quilting Kit PF

Zen Quilting KitNOTE: Once you have mastered “Zen Quilting”, try your hand at “Zen Quilting on the Dark Side” by purchasing this Kit.

Zen Quilting on the Dark Side

Zentangle = filling odd shaped spaces with repetitive patterns using pen and paper. Developed by Rick Roberts & Maria Thomas.

Zen Quilting = filling odd shaped spaces with repetitive patterns using machine stitches and thread. Develpoed by Pat Ferguson.