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My goal as an artist…

Going in Circles

is to please the eye with beautiful and soft fabric images created with the highest quilting standards and materials. Quilting has become an art form of comfort, pride and self expression for me. The walls of my studio and home are adorned with art quilts created from photographs that I have taken, different thread  techniques and exquisite examples of free motion machine quilting, that translate into quilted wall art pieces.

My goal as a Longarm quilter/teacher…

is to provide an abundance of accurate and creative information, while being sensitive to the skill levels of each quilter and to provide a relaxing and fun atmosphere that allows each quilter to be confident and creative. I want to bring your quilting dreams to life for you and help you complete your quilt so that it can be cherished and enjoyed.  I see myself as a “quilting coach”, providing each customer with a sense of accomplishment and support in helping them to complete their project regardless of their skill level.

[quote]My proudest achievement has been teaching and sharing my quilting knowledge and creativity with thousands of students and quilters since 1985[/quote]

After teaching and longarming for both new and seasoned quilters, I try not to lose sight of what it is like to be a bewildered and excited beginning quilter.  I feels refreshed and rejuvenated every time I help a new quilter complete her quilt. It is amazing to see their enthusiasm and creativity explode. Working with seasoned quilters is just as rewarding, watching their skills and personal style develop.

I see myself as a “quilting coach”

I like to build a sense of support and creative accomplishment with my quilters. Whether beginner or seasoned, I try to instill relaxation,  fun and excitement into the quilting process. While guiding quilters through their quilting journey, I often encourage them with this thought:

“Quilters are ready to point out their mistakes, but not ready to accept that they have found a new way to deal with an obstacle……..don’t think of it as a mistake but as an opportunity to be creative!”

“Every Beginner had to begin somewhere”

“Don’t aim for perfection, strive for satisfaction”

Gingko Leaves close-up
Zen Dresden Close-up
Glow circles