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Longarm QuiltingZen Quilting on your quilt top by award winning Pat Ferguson

Pat loves her 12 foot long Gammill Optimum Plus so much that she named her “Glorious Gloria Gammill”  and together they create quilting magic on your unfinished quilt tops! This hand guided quilting machine makes quilting easier and quicker and allows Pat to be  more creative than ever.

Pat’s  knowledge and practice of Zentangle , along with over 35 years of experience, makes her machine quilting special and unique.  Every customer quilt has its own personality.

Choose from hundreds of pantographs (edge to edge), custom designs, borders or overall meandering designs. Pricing is determined by quilt size and complexity of quilting. Pat will help you choose the best method and design to compliment your quilt. Pat also offers “for show” and “heirloom” quilting, over 150 thread colors, quality batting, backing piecing services, binding services and finishing older tops.

You may have an older top that you made years ago or you purchased a vintage top that needs finishing, Pat will “RESCUE” these precious finds so that they can be enjoyed and loved.

Whether you live near or far Pat can work with you!

Visit Pat’s studio for a professional consult or work via email, text and/or phone to create exactly what you desire for your quilt.

Email Pat to get started!

Fast Turn Around~~~Reasonable Rates

Here is what customers are saying: 

” …my quilt was delivered today and I’m ecstatic. It is beautiful and all because of you! I was so lost and frustrated by the time I finished it that I didn’t know if I would ever try quilting again. Your work makes it look like I knew what I was doing”  (Marie from IL)

“You know sometimes you make a decision and it proves to be the best one ever. I am so happy I decided to have my quilt quilted by you. It’s beautiful! I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am with it” (Rima from NY)                                                                                                                                 

“WOW! What an absolutely beautiful job you did on my quilt! I love it and can not wait to share it at stitch class…… I am sure they are going to be blown away! Thank you so much!  Love, love, love it!” (Michelle from MA)                                                                                                                                                    

“The quilt arrived today and I am one happy camper.  It is beyond my expectations simply beautiful you did a fabulous job.  Thanks again and until the next quilt”   (Dale from CA)

” I am just speechless!!!  The quilt is SO beautiful!!!  I love the quilting designs you chose, they are absolutely perfect for the quilt.  Your workmanship is flawless and I am beyond thrilled”
(Lynnie from  NE)

“I appreciate so much your talents as I now have a beautiful finished quilt. I don’t know how many more years it would have taken me to finish. Thanks to you, I won’t need to know.” (Marianne from FLA)

“The quilt looks wonderful, thank you so much! My daughter absolutely loves it.  She was really happy with the beautiful geometrics and the secondary designs you created.  I really love them too, and think they suit the top much better than most I would have defaulted to. ”  (Heather from MD) 

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Professional Longarm Quilting Services
“Every Quilt Top Deserves to be Quilted”

Everyone loves to make quilt tops. How many do you have just waiting to be layered and quilted?        .

Whether you would like an old quilt top quickly quilted for utility use or a new top custom quilted, Pat can do the job. Working on a Gammill Optimum Plus Longarm Quilting Machine makes machine quilting easier and quicker and allows Pat to be more creative than ever. Choose from hundreds of pantographs (edge to edge), or custom design a prize winning quilt.

Prices are determined by quilt size and complexity of quilting.

Pat will help you choose the best method and designs to compliment your quilt.

Pat treats every quilt with care as if it were her own…….

Download Long Arm Brochure

For your convenience, Pat carries batting in most sizes-

Quilter’s Dream: Crib, Throw , Twin, Queen, King in Select weight


If you purchase a batting with a quilting job, Pat will pre-wash your batting for free!             

Batting does shrink-   See Pat’s free tutorial on this subject

Minimum Charge $99.00


.02-.025 per square inch

Pantograph designs are repeated “rows” of patterns that go from one edge to the other edge of your quilt.  This can include all over meandering designs with many choices, from plain to fancy with swirls and curves.

View Edge -to-Edge Designs (pantos)


.05- up  per square inch

Custom quilts are priced individually as each one is so unique. Custom designs can include individual block designs, stitch-in-the-ditch, outlining, cross hatching, freehand quilting designs, or use of templates. Many of these include marking, measuring and centering which is more time consuming but extremely enhancing to your quilt. A great choice for everyday quilts that will be handled, washed and loved a lot.

♥For Show—

.08 and up per square inch

For Show quilts are also priced individually for those wanting to enter local or guild quilt shows or just want an extra special quilt for your home.  These quilts usually include stippling, background grids, feathers,  and/or denser free hand quilting designs. This type of quilting is very labor intensive as it requires a great deal of marking, measuring and accuracy. Create prize winning designs for your quilt.


.12 and up per square inch

Heirloom quilts are also priced individually and for those who want a quilt that will be handled carefully and passed down through the generations. These usually include tight stippling, small background grids, feathers, trapunto, and/or very dense free hand quilting designs. This type of quilting is extremely labor intensive as it requires much more quilting, a great deal of marking, measuring and accuracy. Create prize winning designs for your quilt.

♥ Thread & New Needle charge—

$5 and up per quilt
       Specialty threads quoted per job

The amount of thread used depends on the size of your quilt and complexity of quilting.
Pat carries a wide variety of colors to easily match any quilt. Each quilt gets a fresh new needle and some more densely quilted pieces may require 2 to 3 needles.

♥ Backing Seamed —

$17 per seam                         

 Don’t have time or space to seam and square your backing? Let Pat do it for you.                                                 Generous ½” seam allowances with selvages trimmed.

♥ Binding

Half- .17 per linear inch
     Complete- .50 per liner inch   

Trim Only  $15-25

Half binding- Pat will make your binding, machine sew it to the front of your quilt, then trim your quilt. It will be ready for you to hand sew.

Complete Binding– Pat will make your binding, machine sew it to the front of your quilt, trim your quilt and hand sew it to the back with matching thread.

**Trim only– many quilters like to do their own complete binding. Some before trimming, some after trimming.  If you choose to do your own binding but would like me to TRIM,  price depends on size of quilt.

♥ Quilt Rescue—

Prices quoted per quilt

Pat will “rescue” your unfinished old or new quilt top. So many quilt tops are sitting in a closet just waiting to be completed and enjoyed. Whether you just need a border added or a stack of blocks completed into a top, have it finished , layered and quilted so that you can enjoy it.

Note: Pat does not perform quilt repair of older quilts. Quilts or blocks must be in good condition to withstand the pressures of the longarm quilting machine.


[box type=”info”]To calculate square inches:
Measure quilt top length & width.
Multiply length by width.
Example: 81W x 96L=7776 square ”
To calculate linear inches:
Measure quilt top width & length
Add width + length, multiply by 2
Example: 81W + 96L=177 x 2=354 “[/box]

Is Your Quilt Ready for the Longarm?

Use this handy check list for your convenience
(An additional fee will be charged for each of the following services that must be performed on your quilt)
All 3 layers separate – no basting or pins please

____loose threads trimmed
____well pressed
____seam direction checked
____no wavy borders
____squared corners
____back stitch all outside seams
____all repairs done, no open seams
____mark “TOP” with safety pin
____no embellishments please

____no sheets please
____”printy” to hide threads
____colors match quilt top
____selvages trimmed or clipped
____1/2” seams pressed open
____well pressed
____ends straightened & squared
____mark “TOP” with safety pin
____at least 8-10” larger than top

____You can purchase from Pat
“Quilter’s Dream”
(cotton, blend, puff, orient,wool)
____proper type for your quilt
____wash & dry cotton & blend
____air fluff poly to remove creases
____at least 10” larger than top

___supply ½-1 yd. UNCUT fabric- additional charge for cut strips