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The first decision that I have made is the overall design of my quilt  —JACOBEAN—  I have always liked this style for its curves, stylized flower, leave and vine shapes and the bright vivid colors used in many of the designs. 

JACOBEAN as defined by Encarte Dictionary: “Relating to King James I or the period of his English reign, from 1603-1625 , in the artistic style of furniture, architecture, or drama fashionable during his reign”. This style remained prominent through the next 100 or so years and the term JACOBEAN derived from King James formal title “Jacobus Britanniea Rex”.  When the settlers came to New England, they brought this exquisite and ornate needlework design swith them and it became known as “Crewel Work”. Through the years many art forms have been incorporated into quilting, JACOBEAN applique being one of them. A book in my personal library, “Jacobean Rhapsodies” by Patricia B. Campbell has inspired me over the years and sparked my interest in this particular style. So it was decided that this would be the springboard for my next Zen Quilt- my first ZEN quilt being “Zen Dahlia” in April 2010 and the second being “Zen Nosegay” in April 2012. Both quilts had their debut at the Narragansett Bay Quilters Association  quilt shows , allowing me ample time to have “ZEN JACOBEAN” ready for the April 2014 show.


So with JACOBEAN as my inspiration, I invite you to follow me in the design process, and through any forks in the road of my quilting journey to see where it leads me and what decisions I make or remake along the way. So come along for the ride and I will do my best to update you two to three times per month…….