Zen Quilting

Pat Ferguson is the author of “Zen Quilting Workbook” which combines the Zen of Zentangle with machine quilting.

After teaching machine quilting for many years, Pat has found that machine quilting on a domestic machine is very rewarding but also extremely physically demanding and stressful. Not everyone has the luxury of owning a longarm which can make the job much easier.

Free motion machine quilting is an extremely creative process, and the presence of stress can zap ones creativity. Combining the principals of Zentangle with free motion machine quilting can often relieve stress and promote creativity. Learning Zentangle patterns opens the door to new quilting patterns that you may never have thought of. Also, choosing the right tools can make the job so much easier and more enjoyable.
So check out these Zen Quilting products ( listed supplies in the “Zen Quilting Workbook) and bring your machine quilting to a new level!

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