Strip Stick (Sm,Med & Qtr)


Strip Stick- 4 sizes for easy seam pressing.

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The Strip Stick, so-named for pressing seams when strip quilting…

makes ironing seams a snap without distorting previously pressed seams.  Other uses include the ability to press intricate piecing, such as one-block wonders and other blocks with intersecting seams. Quilters are excited to have a tool that not only keeps the seams very straight, but also cuts pressing time to a minimum

 $6.99——6″Mini Strip Stick is designed for small / miniature blocks.  Includes plastic cover when not in use

 $8.99—–18″ Strip Stick is designed for pressing needs when in small, compact areas, such as classrooms, quilting retreats, etc, or for smaller projects such as quilt blocks.

$11.99—— 22.5″ Strip Stick is perfect for fat quarter cuts

$15.99—–45″ Strip Stick (the original) is designed to use when pressing longer seams in strip quilting, but does not fold.  It is useful in your sewing area and fits comfortably on your ironing board.   WILL NOT SHIP THIS LARGE SIZE.      PLEASE CONTACT TO ORDER AND PICKUP AT THE STUDIO OR AN UPCOMING  SHOW, GUILD MEETING OR WORKSHOP

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Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 12 × 1 × .5 in

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