I strive to have patterns that are readable. With my “over 40” eyesight I find some patterns crammed onto too few pages with tiny print that is difficult to see. Lack of spaces between paragraphs and steps can make it difficult to keep or find your place. Large print, plenty of space between steps for note taking and an easy to read outline format make my patterns easier to use and understand. I would rather invest a little more paper to have a better looking pattern for my students and customers.

All of “Pat’s Patterns” are rated for skill level. I remember when I began to quilt and chose a beautiful “Double Wedding Ring” pattern. Not knowing about accurate cutting and perfect ¼” seam allowances, I had no idea that I was headed for a disaster. All of “Pat’s Patterns” indicate a skill level to avoid the frustration of getting in over your head. For example, the “Quilter’s Tool Tote” pattern is rated *EASY TO ASSEMBLE, *REQUIRES ONLY BASIC SEWING SKILLS, *NO ZIPPERS OR BUTTONHOLES.

Accuracy is very important when trying to follow a pattern. I find that all too many patterns contain errors that cost the customer time and frustration. My students, being my pattern testers, are my best proof readers. I strive to give you the most accurate product that I humanly can.

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