Dahlia Partial


Dahlia Partial      27”x 39”        6-2018     SOLD

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Dahlia Partial       27”x 39”    6-2018   SOLD


This began as a test piece for Pat’s larger Zen Dahlia. With so many offers to purchase the larger Zen Dahlia, which is not for sale, this test piece was finally completed. Free motion machine stitching with brightly colored threads on a dark blue/green batik.

I have had so  many offers for my original “Dahlia” quilt pictured in my latest edition of my “Zen Quilting Worbook” which I can not give up. The time involved was tremendous making the price absolutely insane.  The quilt is also a valuable teaching tool for me and just too dear to my heart. So I decided to offer this “Dahlia Partial” for purchase. It also has a tremendous amount of labor but is at a more sane price point. It would look gorgeous in the proper home or business setting.

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Weight 24 oz
Dimensions 11 × 9 × 1 in

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