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Everything you need to begin “Tangling”

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 Everything you need in a sleek take-along book size box.

This Zentangle Kit is sold out at Zentangle.com so this Kit will not be available anymore. New design the kit is now $69

A ’tile’ is another name for the paper on which you will draw your tangles.

Zentangle® uses a mould-made, acid-free, 100% cotton, heavy-weight fine artists’ paper with a beautiful vellum surface finish.  This paper is designed for etching, engraving, woodcut and other fine art techniques such as Zentangle, and is usually reserved for special editions.  We call them ’tiles’.

Each die-cut tile measures 3.5 inches square.  The die-cut edges fit together nicely in a mosaic.
(34 tiles)

We provide Sakura’s Pigma Micron 01 black ink pen for drawing Zentangle patterns on our tiles. The archival quality pens use pigments instead of dyes to draw its 0.25 mm width line.  The ink dries quickly to a neutral pH, is waterproof, chemical resistant, not affected by temperature and is permanent on paper. Most importantly, these pens are a pleasure to use.  (2 Black Micron Pigma #01 pens)

Pencils and Pencil Sharpener
A soft pencil is ideal for drawing strings and for shading your tile. Two soft-leaded embossed pencils and one finely-tooled magnesium pencil sharpener are included in the kit.
(2 Pencils and 1 Pencil Sharpener)

Instruction Book and Companion DVD
Your Zentangle Kit includes an Instruction Book and a companion DVD.  Given Zentangle’s non-verbal nature, we use words sparingly. Our DVD has no spoken words…. but pleasant, relaxing flute music.

  • (1 DVD and 1 Instruction Book)
  • Zentangle Legend™ and Icosahedron *
  • A Zentangle Legend™ is a Zentangle-sized card with 20 numbered and named Tangles.  An icosahedron is a twenty-sided polyhedron die with numbers on each face.  Excellent for stimulating creativity.
  • 1 Legend and 1 Icosahedron die … (see instructions for use below) *

The box that stores all these Zentangle Kit materials is a pleasure to use and easy to store.  Shaped like a book, it measures 5.5″ x 8″ x 1.75″ (14 cm x 20.5 cm x 4.5 cm) with a magnetic closure


A Zentangle Legend™  is a Zentangle-sized card/tile with 20 numbered and named Tangles.  The Legend is partnered with a 20-sided die called an icosahedron [ahy-koh-suh-hee-druhn].

If ever you’re ever stumped with what pattern to do next, or if you want to do a new pattern, just roll your icosahedron and do whatever pattern corresponds.  Use your Legend as a quick visual reminder of tangles.

Your Icosahedron and Legend are great tools to stimulate and expand your creativity:

  • Roll two numbers and combine those two tangles into one.
  • Roll a number. If it’s even, draw your tangle with your dominant hand; odd, use your non-dominant hand.
  • Create your own legends.

A Zentangle Legend and Icosahedron is included in your Zentangle Kit. (Not available as a separate purchase.)

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